I have a dream” Martin Luther King said.  

Our dream is to work while having fun and we would like you have fun with us coming in our fantastic world.

SKULLY is a project  born in a funny, crazy and colorful way.  We  designed a stackable pendant that you can build by yourself.

It’s  easy: choose a BASE, choose a TOP and the trick  it’s done! 

You have just created YOUR customized jewel, which is both precious and fresh, self-ironic and informal. 

You can use it as a pendant hanging from a necklace, you can attach it to a bracelet as a lucky charm, you can even use it as  keyholder for your bike. It’s up to you.   

The “basic” shape we chose  for the pendant is a funny skull that we have developped in different versions … with cigar, with bandana, with beard, etc.

We chose the skull shape because the skull has no sex, no religion, no race.  You can freely decide which one  represents better yourself  or the person to whom you want to give it.

By combining the various SKULLY BASES with the different SKULLY TOPS you have the opportunity to create your own custom SKULLY.….about 800 possible combinations are allowed.

Last but not least: any SKULLY is  made in Switzerland by our factory, they are handmade one by one with a very high attention to details, quality of materials and finishing. The material used is silver 925 and are designed and patented exclusively by CONCETTO FORMALE.   

So… we welcome you and we hope you will have fun too.